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Midtown Tavern: Football Watch Party Checklist

As we ease back into new-normal, it might take all of us pitching in to make the most festive watch party experience. Over the past two years we have had club friends move away or start families (congrats, Matt!) and my travel schedule is as hectic as ever. When we don't have a Gameday Coordinator (me), here's a quick to-do list. All décor is stored behind the back bar in a clear bin.

  1. Set OU garden flag into the ground near front door

  2. Set out name tags, pompons, and assemble alumni club folding paper tents

  3. Hang large 3x5 OU flag (there are some plastic suction clips that work on any glass or mirror surface)

  4. Move portable speaker over to watch party area (anyone is welcome to connect from their device via Bluetooth to DJ the classics: Boomer Sooner, Oklahoma

  5. Take pictures during the game and post them to the Facebook group or email them to me so I can post to this site!

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